Anxiety symptoms: The Fear of Fear Itself

People who suffer from anxiety disorder, including myself, can obviously relate with the title. Today I am going to talk about symptoms and how to successfully cope with it and recognize if this is just another panic attack or there is really something wrong with you. For all of you, who can’t really relate to this condition, let me just paint a picture for you: Anxiety is like being randomly brutally beaten at different points throughout the day but you don’t know when the beaten will occur.


This is probably the most common symptom. You may experience weird pain located in your lungs or some kind of pressure in your chest, just like someone was sitting on it. Like that is not bad enough, you may also have trouble breathing or feel like you are going to suffocate. Those symptoms are very similar to heart attacks, so you really have to identify if this pain is real or is this anxiety all over again, playing with your mind.

WHAT TO DO: Take a deep breath, concentrate and try to identify your pain. If it is some serious condition your pain and breathing will be worse if you are moving. So try to do a couple of squats, or take a walk up the stairs to see if it gets worse. Actually, if you would have a heart attack, you wouldn’t be able to walk the stairs because it would trigger it right away. So if you do some quick workout and you are still alive you have nothing to worry about. When you clear your mind and you can see this is just another anxiety symptom try to relax and slowly go over this.

If you want to know how to relax and what works for me you can check out my previous post here.


If you feel tingling in your hands, feet or in any part of your body it can be really confusing. Especially, if you also feel some kind of numbness in that area. We all know we can link that kind of trouble to diabetes, some neurological conditions, autoimmune diseases and many others.

WHAT TO DO: First of all, stop panicking and breathing rapidly. If I can comfort you, in most cases it’s just a symptom for rapid and short breathing or it can happen if we are sitting in one position too long or if we sleep on our arms for example. So try to concentrate on your breathing. Do it slowly, don’t rush. If you wait and breathe normally for more then 5-10 minutes and symptoms are still there, then this is not probably not anxiety.


If you have night sweats, palpitations, tachycardia, headache it is not uncommon. The thing is, anxiety will always show up with different face, so I know it is confusing, because you think you know what to expect, you prepare yourself and then suddenly it’s all different, but in fact it’s still the same thing. When I had a new symptom – night sweats I was concerned, because I knew this can be related to some serious diseases. A year from ago I would panic and immediately go to emergency room, freak out and have a little nervous breakdown. Now I waited for a week and because nothing changed I called my doctor and made an appointment. She checked me out and told me, everything is ok so it’s probably just side effect from antidepressants, which I take daily (they increased my dose) or just anxiety itself. When I realized this is still same old thing I didn’t think about it anymore and then it slowly disappeared. So if you are not sure, don’t be afraid, you can always check with your doctor.

Feel free to let me know what works for you,

Till next time,


Source: Counselling-directory

2 thoughts on “Anxiety symptoms: The Fear of Fear Itself

    • When I’m nauseous I can’t even think to eat something, if I do I usually throw up. I can just drink water and hope it will pass as soon as possible :/ luckily I don’t get nauseous very often, but still.. lately I feel more anxious as usual because I have a flight on saturday, so I really struggle with pressure. Need to meditate more 🙂

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